Systema Seminar, Jan Bloem

Samstag, 28. Mai - Sonntag, 29. Mai 2016
10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Carsten Stausberg
0157 38820059
Yizong Bagua
Heliosstrasse 6a
50825 Köln
Systema Full Circle Seminar in Cologne, with Jan Bloem
When it comes to martial arts in general, there is a lot of misconception.
This seems to be especially true for the Russian Martial Arts also known as Systema.
However, there are no secret techniques or miracles.
With the right instruction, everyone who is willing to invest time and effort, is able to learn the concepts and principles behind Systema.
This will not only offer more insight in Systema, but will also offer a deeper understanding in your own martial art.
And here is the idea behind the Systema Full Circle Seminars:
Systema Full Circle means that we organise a total of four two-day seminars. Attending all four seminars will offer you a full understanding of the basic concepts of Systema.
An overview
Part 1: October 10th/11th
Fundamentals & Biomechanics:
In part 1 we focus on the fundamentals and bio-mechanics of Systema. This means we will work on subjects such as: Breathing, Low Acrobatics, Balance, Looseness, Sensitivity, Impactability, Body Intelligence, Power Delivery, Ground Engagement and much more.
PART 2: MAY 28th/29th
In part 2 we focus on Systema as a martial art. Were did it originate? And what does this tell us about the principles and concepts? What we will see is that Systema is not for nothing called like that. It truly is a system, which means that in practice there is no difference between fighting with bare hands or with a weapon. All is connected. So we will work from a historical perspective and translate this to the concepts and principles of Systema as a martial art.
Part 3: Autumn 2016
Close Combative and Self defense
Part 3 takes us to the modern applications of Systema principles and concepts. How can we use them to deal with a close range interpersonal physical confrontation?
Part 4: Spring 2017
Health and Personal Development
The Slavic culture has a huge tradition when it comes to healing and personal development. The nice thing is that we can combine this with modern scientific insights also. So how can we use Systema principles and concepts to gain more health and develop ourselves as a human being? This will be the focus of the last seminar.
This special seminar will be conducted by drs. Jan Bloem (1971) from the Netherlands.
A special team of police officers once said about Jan after attending a training: “This guy is so funny, friendly and bright that is very hard to imagine that you are dealing with probably one of the best combat instructors in the world. But once he worked with you, imagination becomes reality. Very efficient and effective in his actions without losing his humanity. Jan is a very rare combination of a very high level of practical skill with a deep theoretical knowledge of the human body and psyche.” Jan is a long-time student of the martial arts, combat sports and reality-based systems.
Next to a state certified martial arts teacher he is a human movement scientist, applied neuro scientist, integrative movement therapist and massage therapist.
IN Russian Martial Arts Jan worked very intensively with Mikhail Ryabko, Val Riazanov, Sergei Borschow and Vladimir Vasiliev. Next to that he did seminars with Mikhail Grudev (IZVOR) and Arkadyi Kadachnikov.
Next to that Jan has in general 35+ years of experience in the martial arts, combat sport and reality-based systems, teaching for more the 25 years.
Jan is very much focused on how to teach in such a way that students actually are able to learn. For Jan ‚PLAY‘ is a crucial factor in this, being convinced of the fact that it is the students who needs to do the learning and that the teacher only can provide a safe learning climate which enables the students to do so.
We are very happy to organize this seminar circle with Jan!
Date: MAY 28th/29th
Time: Saturday: 10-13.00 & 14-17; Sunday: 10-13 & 14-16
Location: Yizong Bagua – Chinesische Kampfkunst & Körperarbeit, Heliosstrasse 6a, 50825 Köln
Seminarfee: 140€ (125€ if you book until 31. March), space is limited to 20 people!
Please register via email to: to receive the banking details. Important: Payment in advance only, NO payment at the door!!! Thank you!