Handstand Workshop, mit Yuval Ayalon

Samstag, 09. September - Sonntag, 10. September 2017
10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Carsten Stausberg
Yizong Bagua - Chinesische Kampfkunst & Körperarbeit
Heliosstrasse 6a
50825 Köln

Handstand Workshop with Yuval Ayalon in Cologne, Germany

A two day handstand workshop for beginners and advanced practitioners. Taught by one of the most fascinating handstand artists of the world: Yuval Ayalon. Yuval joined the cast of Le Reve in 2005, a Las Vegas circus spectacle, and has since performed in more than 3200 shows in a unique and challenging performance environment. After a long lasting gymnastics career, in which he competed in Israel and internationally, he found a new path and career. It has allowed him to continue a similar lifestyle of a professional athlete, only now he expresses himself on stage as a performer and an artist.


Saturday September 9th / Sunday September 10th 2017

Two Workshops – Join beginners/ intermediates, advanced or both classes

1- Basics for beginners and intermediates:
Saturday 10am to 1pm AND Sunday 10am to 1pm

2- Intermediate/Advanced:
Saturday 2pm to 5pm AND Sunday 2pm to 5pm


Beginners : 130€
Inter/advanced : 155€
Both : 238€


 Yizong Bagua, Heliosstrasse 6a, 50825 Cologne

Workshop description

In this beginner’s workshop, Yuval provides the participants a solid base and the tools from which they can take their practice to a higher level safely and efficiently. Some of the topics covered are: physical and technical preparation for handstand, correct handstand alignment, balance strategies, spotting, programming, and more…

Intermediate / Advanced:
This workshop is intended for people who have already spent a considerable amount of time practicing handstands and can hold a solid handstand for at least 30 seconds. Some of the topics covered are: refinement of handstand alignment in different positions, presses and mounts to handstand, handstand cube integration, one arm handstand and more…. The last hour of each day will be assisted self-practice for people to work on their own personal goals.


For more information, or to sign up please contact:

Carsten Stausberg: