Martial Movement, Craig Mallett & Carsten Stausberg

Samstag, 04. Februar - Sonntag, 05. Februar 2017
10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Carsten Stausberg
Yizong Bagua
Heliosstrasse 6a
50825 Köln

Martial Movement Workshop, with Craig Mallett & Carsten Stausberg

Martial Movement for Martial Artists and Movers of all kinds!

Craig Mallett and Carsten Stausberg will team up in Cologne for a very special workshop on deep practices in Traditional Martial Arts and its relationship to modern movement and physical development approaches.

In this workshop, we will take our time to dive deeply into traditional practices from different Chinese Martial Arts such as Bagua Zhang, Taiji Quan and Xingyi Quan. We will explore easy Qi Gong exercises and find the connection to modern approaches of mobility training and the search for better movement quality.

This martial movement workshop will serve everyone who wants to improve movement quality, increase functional mobility, and build a sense of ease and deep relaxation by learning how to use structure and grounding to move without fighting against ourselves. This sense of ease is not just for athletic movement, it will also dramatically affect how you operate in daily life! It is open for people from every possible background. No martial arts experience needed!!!

Starting with solo exercises for greater sensitivity and whole body connection (both within the body and through to the ground) we will open up the body and its various movement chains with simple yet powerful exercises. We will make use of the three layers of Physical Movement, Awareness and Breath.

From there, we will dive into various movement riddles and games before ending up with playful partner exercises to find connection not only to ourselves but also to our environment and the people around us.

Craig Mallett

Craig Mallett is the founder of Aware Relaxed Connected, and is currently touring Europe teaching his Body Awakening and Repatterning techniques in both solo and collaborative workshops. He has over a decade of experience with the traditional Chinese martial arts of Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Cha Quan, and in 2014 became a student in the Daoist tradition ‚Da Xuan‘ under Serge Augier. He is also well versed in many other physical arts, having trained in and drawing heavy influence from methods such as Physical Alchemy [Dave Wardman], Stretch Therapy [Kit Laughlin], and Ancestral Movement [Simon Thakur], as well as gymnastics strength training, various natural/movement methods, and traditional strength and conditioning.

Carsten Stausberg

Carsten Stausberg is the founder of Yizong Bagua Germany. He teaches the Chinese Internal Martial Arts of Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan and Taiji Quan in his school in Cologne. He spent almost 20 years with various forms of traditional martial arts, and moved to China in 2005 to study Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan and Taiji Quan under Master Luo Dexiu. Carsten holds a B.A. in Chinese Philosophy and Literature from Taiwan Normal University and focused on the various aspects of self development in coaching after he moved back to Germany in 2010.

Seminar Details:

Yizong Bagua, Heliosstrasse 6a, 50825 Köln.

Saturday, February 4th: 10am to 6pm (2h lunch break)
Sunday, February 5th: 10am to 5pm (1h lunch break)

190€ whole weekend (170€ early bird till January 8th!)
100€ per day

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You will receive the banking details, and your spot will be secure only once payment has been received. Spots are limited to 20 people, to ensure the best quality possible.