Effortless Combat Throws, Tim Cartmell

Freitag, 24. April - Sonntag, 26. April 2015
18:00 - 16:00 Uhr
Carsten Stausberg
0157 38820059
Aikido Dojo
Neusser Straße 26
50670 Köln

Tim Cartmell is back in Cologne, April 2015!

This time he will teach his approach to Effortless Combat Throws. A concept perfectly designed for practicioners of all levels and backgrounds. Be it Chinese Martial Arts, BJJ, MMA or Systema. If you are into Natural Movement or Dance this will be a great inspiration for you as well, promise!

Basic Principles include the following:

1. Non- Opposition Of Force
2. Connect And Join Centers
3. Apply Force Where There Is No Relative Motion
4. Transfer Momentum Through The Hold
5. Break The Opponent’s Posture
6. Cause The Opponent To Fall 
7. Follow Up
8. The Intent Flows Outward

And much much more!

For those who need an even more mouthwatering appetizer, Tim wrote a great book about Effortless Combat Throws:


For those who joined 2014’s Ground Proofing Seminar, Tim will teach a follow up focusing on submissions on Friday prior to the ECT Seminar!


Date & Time:

Friday, 24th April: 6- 9.30 pm (Groundproofing)
Saturday & Sunday, 25th/26th April: 10am- 4.30pm (Effortless Combat Throws)


Friday: Yizong Bagua, Lichtstrasse 38, 50825 Köln
Saturday & Sunday: Aikido Dojo, Neusser Str. 26, 50670 Köln


Friday: 35 Euro

Saturday & Sunday: 160 Euro (Early Birds pay 140Euro till February 28th)

Whole Weekend: 170 Euro (Early Birds 150 Euro)

Please register via Facebook or bagua.germany@gmail.com

See you at the seminar!!!